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May 25, 2013 / imluckyperson

Reductum Absurdum

Reductum Absurdum.

May 10, 2013 / imluckyperson

Reductum Absurdum

Are you satisfied with your working circumstances…tell why, drop names, supply information, get even.

There are some who love their jobs. There are some who hate the work they have to do.

Tell why, in either case you love or hate your job. Is the boss a grunt who bashes you with sordid remarks? Are conditions terrible, or the work place dirty and distasteful? Is your dedication and overtime work unrewarded? Maybe your workplace is nice, but you are treated as tough you are subservient?

If you love doing what you are doing, tell why and what attitudes prevail that give you great satisfaction?


C’mon spill the beans and give readers a chance to know how it is.

May 1, 2013 / imluckyperson

Well, sorry for misspelling “inexorable,”  as “inexhorable.”  My

Well, sorry for misspelling “inexorable,”  as “inexhorable.”  My BAD. Please do not be alarmed. 

May 1, 2013 / imluckyperson

The Inexhorable March

Your desire to truth tell will restrain your reluctance to be part of the inexorable march.

Because someone like you knows, has overheard, has seen compelling truth, and knows that it trumps our success and by revealing it will make us a better people. Be concise—shatter falsehood as you witness it.

The deepest creases in our governing bodies, institutions, medical facilities, wholesale and retail systems, schools and school administrations, bank governing bodies, law enforcement, lending giants, and courts, none of which are free of duplicity, are your bailiwick. Because you are there, YOU know what the real truths are. YOU know where the bodies are buried. Don’t shy away from digging ‘em up.

Misinformation  is  one of the prime targets and one of the major weapons of sleazy business and government. It is significant that someone, among you, knows the abuses that gouge the public, and has the will to tell.

Information is more valuable than WEALTH, real-estate, and .999 gold bars. You are capable of calculating the codes behind “follow the money.” Yours is a voice which can kill  misinformation.

The higher the station, the more susceptible to the trance of importance, the brother-in-law affect/effect and the hokey lure of enrichment.  You will help bring down these impediments to success of the people.

Whistleblowers maintain anonymity. This blog is here to spiel forth about government, racism, finance, schools, business, law-enforcement and the minutiae they never reveal. The chatter and chinwag you hear is the best basis of true revelation. The documents you witness that reveal chicanery against the public will be of prime importance. So inform, tell all, spill the beans, sing out, squeal, tattle and expose the attempt to bend our backs.

Your reward is  knowing that the ones who TAKE your MONEY, your PRIVACY your PERSONAL INFORMATION and your SENSITIVITIES and use them against you, will feel the thumbscrews.

Fair enough?

Using something other than your real name and other identifying title, and skid marks, send us a message. Feel free to use an anonymous identity, but use that same identity when you come again so that there is a cohesion of remarks.